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Welcome to our online giving. You may give online at our Immanuel Lutheran Church VANCO website.
Please make sure you see our chuch designated at the top of the page as:
Immanuel Lutheran Church and University SC

You may download the VANCO mobile app for your device from the apple or google play store.

Once in the app, search for our church: Immanuel Lutheran Church and University SC

If you need assistance setting up your Vanco mobile account, please contact our church office below and someone will contact you. Several funds are available for you to assign your donation. If you do not see a fund you would like to contribute toward, please let the church office know your wishes.

Download the secure Vanco Mobile App the the Apple Store to Get Started Now!
Download the secure Vanco Mobile App at Google Play to Get Started Now!

Immanuel Lutheran Church thanks LCEF for allowing us to setup online giving at no charge to you or the church.

100% of your checking/savings account donation supports our ministries!
97% of your credit card donation will support the ministries of Immanuel!
LCEF offers e-tithing and e-tuition payments through the Joyful Response program, a free stewardship service for LCMS congregations, schools and registered service organizations (RSOs).

Thrivent members have access to Choice Dollars®!

Make a personal donation or direct some of Thrivent's charitable funds to a favorite nonprofit organization or cause. The choice is yours!

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Search for Immanuel University Lutheran Church to help suport
our church mission and ministries.

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